Digital Marketing

We work with your business to provide best practice digital marketing strategy and initiatives. Our team has experience in all phases of marketing planning from competitive analysis and review, to brand planning and positioning all the way through to marketing campaign management and execution.


Driving traffic to your site and acquiring potential customers is one of the most important activities an online transactional business needs to perform. We have had a range of services to help with acquisition.


Site Assessment: A comprehensive site assessment report which identifies areas of opportunity. Quickly discover how Google, Yahoo or Bing, Baidu This report takes 4-6 weeks to deliver, on a fixed price basis.

Ad-hoc Consulting: Companies with internal marketing and online operations teams may benefit from external expertise in SEO. Our team is experienced in generating traffic from SEO to Group Buying properties that have short content lifecycles. We generally work on an hourly based retainer for SEO consulting. We would be happy to tailor a programme to your needs.

Full Service SEO: If you need someone to take the headache out of SEO for you and focus on sourcing and crafting great offers, We can help you out. Our Full Service SEO programme is designed to be completely hands off for our clients, with regular status reports and updates so you can be assured SEO is working for you. Pricing for our full service SEO programme is upon request. to request more information.


PPC (Search / Display, incl Facebook, Affiliates, Email)

PPC Review: An overview report on your AdWords account setup and performance, with recommendations for improvement. This report usually takes about 1 week to deliver.

PPC Consulting: Designed for companies with an in-house online marketing capability who require external expertise to help optimise their PPC spend. Our consultants work with your team either strategically or tactically “at the coal face” to supplement your in-house capability.

Full Service PPC: Our team is able to manage your PPC spend, performing all the onerous work of daily keyword management and optimisation on your behalf. We have solid experience in building successful ROI positive PPC campaigns for Group Buying businesses globally. We offer our clients a dedicated account manager, ad optimisation, keyword research services and reporting for a monthly fee.


Tagging and Tracking

Knowing where your customers come from and which of your acquisition campaigns are working most effectively for you can be difficult without a solid tagging system in place. We are able to configure and manage a Universal Tagging (UT) solution for your business which provides a simple way to determine ROI from your online marketing activities.



Whether your campaign goal is aimed to driving brand awareness, generating qualified sales-leads, developing the right search strategy or developing innovative social network integration measures, Strategic Venture is your most optimal partner to achieve your goals and ROI.

Key benefits for Advertisers

  • A centralized digital marketing services provider for your local and regional and international integrated online advertising campaigns
  • All pricing models, from CPM, CPC, CPA to auction based pricing guarantee full flexibility and maximization of ROI
  • Consulting, Technology, Implementation and Optimization through one point for CEE and Emerging Digitals
  • Direct access to major global and local publishers at attractive and reasonable prices
  • In-depth industry knowledge and extensive local market expertise
  • Proprietary and world-class digital marketing services and solutions at international standards


Whether you are a large international publisher seeking to monetize your traffic from emerging markets or a local publisher trying to maximize your revenue through multiple advertising channels and combined local and international revenue streams, we could assist you to maximize your traffic and revenue.

Key benefits for Publishers

  • Access to major local and international advertisers
  • Broadest range of products through one single Ad Tag
  • Strong partnerships with leading international ad networks
  • Digital solutions that prioritizes campaigns based on highest effective CPM
  • Ability to combine CPM, CPC and CPA campaigns without wastage of market budget and resources
  • Ability to pick most suitable and complementary revenue sources and products

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